Dubai, a city considered as the global destination for the people and why wouldn't it? As expo events are one of the big reasons for its fame. But, due to pandemics worldwide, the world has to wait for 1 year to be a part of it. Now, the wait is over as it is scheduled as 1st October 2021.
In past years, expos were dedicated to different ideas like sharing topnotch innovations, finding the resolution to the basic challenges faced by humanity, exhibiting groundbreaking inventions. These expos are organized every 5 years and last for 6 months at least.
As we have already discussed how Covid-19 pandemic became the hurdle in happening to this event. Still, the majority of bureau international expositions (BIE) voted to postpone the event to save the people from being part of the gathering. So, the new dates were decided and made it sure that every single person would be investigated on health grounds and take all precautionary measures to secure their and other lives.
Well, the new date of this global event is from 1st October 2021 to 31st march 2022.
It is estimated that the expo will cover a wide span of 4.38 kilometers.
Location: Dubai South, near Al Maktoum international airport is expected.
“Connecting mind, creating the future " is all about collecting or connecting minds and creating the future. It means we are concerned about how people get together and educate the entire world. How we can make people understand what is right and what is wrong. How connecting people and uniting such minds towards the future because only we, ourselves can Sharp up the future.
As the main theme revolves around the idea for the betterment of the future. Here the sub themes also matter a lot and have been chosen with attention and by focusing the basic needs of the future.
  • Sustainability
  • Mobility
  • Opportunity
When we talk about the future, the first thing we should talk about is sustainability.
For many years, global warming has exploited our natural resources that have gone extinct. So, the purpose of sustainability is to avoid the exploitation of natural resources. The factors under this category are, governance, financial capital, education and employment.
Mobility is all about movements ranging from ideas to people. In expo 2021 Dubai, we connect with people and gather ideas from every region around the map. The purpose of this sub category is to fill the gap between exceedingly developed areas and the areas with the lack of basic needs and technology.
The opportunity is not confined to a certain group of people, in fact everyone is worthy to get a chance and prosper. The provided opportunities unlocks the potential in us and the communities working for a better future.
How expo 2021 impacts on Dubai's economy?
A change is about to come in Dubai as Dubai expo is going to enter in Dubai 2021. The biggest change would be seen in real estate, infrastructure, tourism and retail.
Here is some good news regarding the development of Dubai that almost 25 million people would visit expo Dubai 2021 out of which 17 million people would be the international passengers. It would definitely be a rise in real estate as passengers will stay there in these months. So, 8 billion dollars are required to make the accommodation easy for travelers. A rise would be seen in the employability because the sell purchase process would be in its rise regarding construction, tourism and transportation.
It will spread a new wave of 250,000 jobs.
Media will also take advantage of it because “Dubai expo 2021 " is the most researched keyword these days and the media will gather every single detail through various resources.
When Dubai won the bid in 2013, there was a 4% increase seen in the stock market right after it.